"POST-NATIONAL CANADA" HAS NO CORE IDENTITY:  This informative but disturbing video by National Socialist intellectual "Black Pigeon" explains how Pierre Trudeau dramatically weakened Canada's identity, and how his son Justin Trudeau is now in the process of completely decimating it.  Until the late 1960's, Canada was a proud country with strong, centuries-old Aboriginal and Christian European roots.  Then on orders from Zionist-Marxist Globalists, the morally bankrupt father-son Trudeau team transformed Canada into a spiritless, fragmented vassal state for Rothschild, Soros and Desmarais.

KEN O'KEEFE PROVES ISRAEL DID 9-11:  If you are going to watch one video on the 9-11 attacks, here it is.  United States Marine and Gulf War veteran Ken O'Keefe lays out all the evidence proving Israel conspired with Zionist Jewish Supremacists in the American government, to destroy the Twin Towers through controlled demolition, thereby murdering over 3,000 American civilians.  Muslims were falsely blamed for these "false flag" attacks.  The purpose of the attacks was to expand the borders of Israel so that it becomes the world's next superpower, fulfilling the ZioSupremacist goal of having the world's Gentiles bow at Jewish feet. Luckily, due to a "mass worldwide awakening" sparked by the growth of the internet, enough gentiles have learned of these ZioSatanic plans that they are no longer secret.  In all likelihood the Gentile enslavement conspiracy will crumble in tandem with Jewish Supremacist ideology.

HOW TO "HACK" AN ELECTION:  Have you ever wondered why you and most of your friends & neighbours can commit to voting for a certain candidate, and polls right before election day can show your candidate poised to win, yet on election day he or she UNEXPECTEDLY LOSE?  If "voting machines" were involved, they were likely HACKED!  In this scene from the 2006 documentary "Hacking Democracy", concerned voting officials show how easy it is to hack a voting machine by using a memory card.  Even though paper ballot cheating still takes place, it is FAR HARDER TO CHEAT WITH PAPER than with hackable computer technology.  In recent years, very evil men and the entities they control, have bought "voting machine" companies.  These billionaires now control many of our elections ... NOT we the people!

UNDERSTANDING THE HISTORY AND EVIL OF "CULTURAL MARXISM": UK-based National Socialist Philosopher "Thorium" provides us with an insightful, thought-provoking, powerful tutorial on the stealth implementation of Cultural Marxism and the danger it poses to our European-based society. Its roots are in the Frankfurt School's Satanic philosophy of "Critical Theory".  This brief video will explain how and why the unnatural cognitive states of "political correctness", "social justice" and "feminism", are being shoved down our throats.  HAIL VICTORY!

ADVANCED CIVILIZATIONS ALWAYS COLLAPSE AFTER WOMEN ARE "LIBERATED": This well-researched, thought-provoking video by National Socialist intellectual "Black Pigeon" clearly explains how female "liberation", especially that of a sexual nature, always leads to moral decay and the eventual collapse of an advanced civilization.  A key element of this analysis is the fact that women lack honour and are biologically wired to be selfish, and therefore have no loyalty to their group.  The main reason why Patriarchal Muslim societies are overrunning Matriarchal Western ones, is that the Muslims have rejected the ZioMarxist propaganda pushing them to "liberate" their women.  Based on the extensive historical precedents presented in this video, it is obvious that the only hope for our Western Christian society to survive and ultimately thrive, is for us to once again regard women as weak, aimless chattel, and to revoke their right to vote.

DR. JAMES SEARS ADDRESSES THE "CANADIAN ASSOCIATION FOR FREE EXPRESSION": Human rights advocate Paul Fromm invited Dr. Sears to lecture a standing-room only crowd on the topic of "Outrageously exercising free speech to create a 'Truth Blitzkrieg' to confuse and ultimately annihilate our ZioMarxist oppressors ... without getting arrested".  Issues discussed ranged from miscegenation to the "Nazi Holohoax" to bringing the Jews to Jesus to interracial harmony to Israel & the CIA carrying out 9-11.  Dr. Sears did not hold back as he effortlessly addressed even the most obscure and tricky of audience questions.  If you are going to watch one video of Dr. Sears speaking, this video is the one!

THE BATTLE OF ATHENS: According to the NCP Working Platform "You have the right to keep and bear arms of a power equivalent to that of the government or police, both for your personal safety and in the eventuality that the government becomes corrupt and must be taken down by force."  All levels of our government (federal, provincial and municipal) are now corrupt.  There is a good chance that most Canadian elections are rigged (voter machine hacking, ballot box stuffing, voter identity fraud, etc.) Therefore, armed insurrection is a morally justified alternative to participating in the delusion of democracy.  This video contains excerpts from a film depicting how in Athens, Tennessee, August 1946, a group of armed veterans used bullets and explosives to secure ballot boxes stolen by corrupt government officials.  It is a great example of patriots using armed rebellion to defend their constitutional rights.

MR. BEAN ON FREE SPEECH: Legendary British comedian Rowan Atkinson explains why FREE SPEECH is the second most important human right, after food in your mouth.  He considers it even more important than a roof over your head.

I.A. EXPLAINS "SOCIAL JUSTICE WARRIORS": Excellent brief tutorial on the origins of and problems created by "Social Justice Warriors" or "SJW's". A very small percentage of the human population is genetically wired to succeed, but over the last generation, school children have been brainwashed into falsely believing they are ALL WINNERS.  That delusion has created a generation of narcissists who FAIL when they enter the REAL WORLD, due to their genetic inferiority.  However, they cannot let go of their delusions of grandeur, and instead enter a state of cognitive dissonance and psychotically blame others for "OPPRESSING" them based on gender, race, sexual orientation, etc.  SJW's rise up from their cohort of failures and facilitate the cohort's delusions by feeding them false principles of "universal equality".  After watching this video, you will appreciate it when Donald Trump tears apart those who are genetically inferior, i.e. "Jeb Bush has low energy" or "Megyn Kelly is a bimbo". (WARNING: MILD PROFANITY)

OCTOBER 5, 2015, FEDERAL ELECTION DEBATE, BEACHES-EAST YORK RIDING:  New Constitution Party of Canada leader Dr. James Sears CRUSHES the major political parties' puppet candidates.  He discusses immoral wars for Israel, ZioMarxist control of our media, the IMF, and the lawsuit by constitutional lawyer Rocco Galati against the Rothschild-controlled bank of Canada.  It is surprising that Rogers TV aired this debate without editing out some of Dr. Sears' comments, making the video a MUST-SEE!

DR. JAMES SEARS 2015 CAMPAIGN VIDEO:  Prime Minister Stephen Harper called the October 19, 2015 federal election before The New Constitution Party of Canada could officially register.  Instead of waiting for the next election, NCP Leader Dr. James Sears chose to run as an Independent Candidate this one time.  In this video he briefly discusses his background, his political philosophy, what is wrong with our country and how we can work together to make Canada great again.  The video also features a brief tutorial on how Prime Minister Pierre Elliot Trudeau surrendered control of the Bank of Canada to the Rothschilds.

DR. JAMES SEARS INTERVIEW (AUGUST 23, 2015): Investigative Journalist Lawrence McCurry asks Dr. James Sears about his battle against Marxism, his job as Editor-In-Chief of anti-Marxist newspaper "Your Ward News", and his candidacy in the Beaches-East York riding in the October 19, 2015 federal election.

SUNGLASSES SCENE FROM "THEY LIVE":  In this clip from John Carpenter's film, Canadian wrestling legend Rowdy Roddy Piper stumbles upon a pair of sunglasses that when worn, place him in a "red pill" state during which he sees right beyond the false reality.  Similarly, the NCP teaches you to see beyond the illusion of cultural Marxism, recognize THE PARASITE responsible, and EXPEL it from our society.  A free full-length copy of this National Socialist classic can be found HERE.  PLEASE NOTE:  No matter how pleasurable it is to watch Roddy blow away THE PARASITE, we do not condone violence at this time.

ABORTIONISTS SELL BABY BODY PARTS:  This clip is very disturbing, but if you are a Christian, we ask you on behalf of Jesus to watch it and GET ANGRY!  It contains no footage of abortion, but hearing this FemiMarxist psychopath speak will unnerve you.  Most people do not realize that unborn babies feel pain as they are murdered.  The baby's body is viciously chopped up by the surgeon, then sucked out of the mother's womb with a vacuum.  There have been several cases where a baby was ripped out of his mother, still alive and screaming from pain, and the abortionist had to cut the his spinal cord to quickly murder him and stop the noise.  In this video the FemiMarxist psychopath is able to sip wine and woof down lunch as she enthusiastically gives two undercover Christian investigators a macabre price list for murdered baby body parts.  She even describes how her abortionists can partially deliver the live baby's head, then chop up the rest of the body, preserving the head for the buyer.  After you hear this depraved parasite speak, you will understand why some people consider the shooting of abortion doctors justified.

ABORTION IS MURDER and the NCP is the ONLY major federal political party that will outlaw it.  Canada is a Christian country, yet since 1969 more than 3 million unborn Christian babies have been holocausted, primarily by Jewish doctors.  Murdering children for money is an industry in Canada, and you can thank Dr. Henry Morgentaler.  Did you know that Jew Morgentaler refused to abort Jewish babies out of principle?  PLEASE NOTE:  The Illuminati elite kidnap children, then rape, torture and murder them in Satanic rituals, where they drink their blood.  They film murders and sell them as "snuff films".  Such Satanic rituals are the fate of most "missing children" that are never found (including Aboriginal kids), but most police investigators will not discuss it for fear of being assassinated.  Nowadays it is harder to find living children for ritual murder, due to more vigilant parents, children and police.  Therefore, baby body parts, especially blood-rich livers, are in high demand as the next best thing to satisfy Satanists' hunger.

MAKE THEM DEFINE THEIR TERMS:  Excellent brief tutorial by Angelo John Gage on how to respond to brainwashed, self-hating Marxist "social justice warriors".  Most SJW's are too dumb and/or misinformed to engage you in a polite, intelligent debate on issues, and instead resort to calling you names like "Racist", "Sexist", "Anti-Semite", "Homophobe" or "Nazi".  Use Angelo's simple neuro-linguistic programming methods to create so much cognitive dissonance that their commie heads will explode!

MAKE MINE FREEDOM:   This prophetic 1948 cartoon, created by the producers of The Flintstones, warned Americans about the evils of Marxism.  Sadly, those warnings were ignored and now Marxist ideology has infected all of North America. Please use this video as an educational tool for your children and as part of a deprogramming regimen for your brainwashed friends and family.  Pass it along to everyone you know.

THE ART OF DECEPTION:   Ask everyone you know (especially children) to watch this brief film which explains how the elite use documentaries and the media to communicate lies to brainwash you into participating in a self-destructive agenda. Al gore used "An Inconvenient Truth" to persuade you that man-made climate change exists, thereby making you self-loathing and therefore easier to control (the ACTUAL truth lay in the convenience of Gore's investments). The US government used "Kony 2012" to invade Uganda after they discovered huge amounts of untapped oil. The ZioMarxist Illuminati used "Zeitgeist" to destroy Christianity and scare you about your own existence.

MARXISM PROMOTES EUROPEAN GENOCIDE:  In this brief excerpt from the film "The Marxist Murderers", scholars explain how the key principle of Marxism is genocide of all European races.  Karl Marx, the founder of Marxism, was a gentile-hating Jew who wanted to exterminate all Europeans, who he called "RACIAL TRASH" (Serbs, Scottish Highlanders, Bretons, Basques, "Dirty Slavic people", etc.)  Marx said "They must perish in the revolutionary HOLOCAUST".  Canadian Marxists find it hard to get away with using bullets & shallow graves to holocaust entire races (like the 50 million Orthodox Christians slaughtered by Marxist Jews in the Soviet Union).  Instead, they murder us slowly with "cultural Marxism" (abortion, sterilization by immunization, lower birth rate by destroying traditional marriage + promoting non-traditional lifestyles, "diversity", mass non-European immigration, etc.)

Two & Two: This short film by Persian director Babak Anvari describes how ZioMarxist social engineers brainwash us through "educational" indoctrination and mass media.  Whatever the lie is ... vaccines work, GMO’s are safe, 6 million Jews were gassed, manmade global warming exists, diversity is our strength ... by gradually ratcheting up the intimidation and threats, weak members of our society eventually succumb to the brainwashing, and accept the lie as gospel.  50 million Orthodox Christians, including members of Dr. James Sears' family, were holocausted by Marxist Jews in the Soviet Union for refusing to abandon their Christian faith.  They knew that death was preferable to living a hollow, false, spiritless existence within a Marxist dictatorship.